A New Type of Manila: Clara Balaguer

Published in ACCLAIM | Issue 38, 2018


Clara Balaguer is a creative shapeshifter. For seven years, the Manila-based writer, graphic designer, publisher, and cultural historian has led the Office of Culture and Design (OCD), a social practice that produces art projects and research in marginalised communities. Under this banner, the Filipina-Spanish multi-tasker has published books on street-style typography, postcolonial cultures and native cuisines. She has also made a film about typhoon victims, hosted graffiti workshops, and circulated an online taxonomy on nationalistic graphic design. For Balaguer, cultural consumption should not be treated as a luxury, but rather as an everyday necessity for the masses. There is more work to be done. But as the Philippines enters a dictatorial political chapter, the 36-year old has had to evaluate the shelf life of her projects.

The above text is an excerpt.
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