FFIXXED studios: No FFIXXED Address

Published in VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture, Issue 17, Feb 2017.

Fiona Lau and Kain Picken, the imaginative couple behind FFIXXED STUDIOS, take an approach to fashion that’s animated less by fantasy than it is by the material of the everyday.

Fiona Lau and Kain Picken thrive on fluidity. The Australian duo, who refuse to obey fixed ideas, have grown FFIXXED STUDIOS from a niche project into a fashion, art and design label that draws from Picken’s background as an artist and Lau’s fashion design nous. The designers shy from trends and tradition,  instead they combine organic fibers with unconventional materials and processes to create contoured, layered and gender-interchangeable apparel that complement the evolving march of modern life.

“We don’t look to fashion as a form of escapism or fantasy, or the creation of another world,” Picken tells me via phone from their Shenzhen studio, “We treat fashion as an extension of our lifestyle, using what we see around us as a starting point for channeling ideas.”

Inspired by the crossovers between work, life and travel, Lau and Picken produce readymade dresses, pants, turtlenecks and blazers that appear as moving sculpture for the body. Statement pieces emblazoned with mantras like ‘Work From Home’ and ‘Work Won’t Wait’ stem from real conversations they have had with friends.

“We like to use fashion as a tool to examine the production and consumption of contemporary culture,” reveals Picken. “There are these extreme poles in fashion where you see crazy, inaccessible luxury on one end, and cheap fashion at the other end. We want our label to sit in the middle space, where there is integrity in design and production, but also accessibility.”


The above text is an excerpt. Read the full feature in VAULT, Issue 17.

Image: Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in their Shenzhen studio. (Photo supplied).