FFIXXED studios: No FFIXXED Address

Published in VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture, Issue 17, 2017.

Fiona Lau and Kain Picken, the imaginative couple behind FFIXXED STUDIOS, take an approach to fashion that’s animated less by fantasy than it is by the material of the everyday.


“We like to use fashion as a tool to examine the production and consumption of contemporary culture,” reveals Picken. “There are these extreme poles in fashion where you see crazy, inaccessible luxury on one end, and cheap fashion at the other end. We want our label to sit in the middle space, where there is integrity in design and production, but also accessibility.”

The pair are currently based in an integrated living and working space at the foot of Shenzhen’s Wutong Mountain, enabling them to prototype designs and manage administrative tasks in-house while being close to local garment manufacturers. While Shenzhen has a reputation for being the world’s main hub for mass production, the area also offers these sustainability-driven, slow fashion designers grassroots access to highly-skilled labourers and quality textiles. “Being close to the creation point gives us better control over working conditions and design outcomes,” Picken explains.

“In a way, we’re the antithesis of throw-away fast fashion because we know the people who fabricate our clothes, and our designs are versatile enough to be adapted into many wardrobes and styles.”


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Image: Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in their Shenzhen studio. (Photo supplied).