Produced and hosted by Mariam Arcilla during 2020, Interno was a mini-series profiling artists who are recalibrating their internal lives and perspectives of home, longing, and connection adjacent to the global pandemic. With conversations taking place between Australia, North America and Asia, the podcast explored the ideas that amplify artistic value and social duty in times of flux. Interno also considered what a post-pandemic future may look like, so that we can continue to move together towards brightness.  The project was commissioned by the Institute of Modern Art in Australia as part of the Making Art Work initiative. 

Episode 1: Sari-Sari in New York and Vancouver

In our first episode, Mariam Arcilla speaks with Gabriella Mozo, Mal Tayag, and Marielle Sales from Sari-Sari Studio, a New York-based Filipino collective that supports Filipinx and BIPOC creatives and innovators via diaspora-driven projects. The conversation explores anti-racism, creativity in lockdown, BLM solidarity, and bilingualism. Plus, we share some of our favourite Tagalog words.

Access the episode/transcript here.

Episode 2: Sezzo in South Korea

Interno heads to Dongtan to explore the practice of proud Ngapuhi woman Sezzo, who uses club music and sociology to investigate the lived experiences of Maori women. The conversation delves into BIPOC narratives in art and culture; dealing with isolation and language barriers mid-pandemic; and how cultural knowledge can be manifested through the dancing body. Sezzo also discusses her early days in the Meanjin/Brisbane dance scene, and why she turned her back on the DJ world to pursue a new life in South Korea.

Access the episode/transcript here.

Episode 3: Sara Morawetz in New Mexico

In Interno episode 3, Mariam Arcilla dips into planetary science, shared labour, and elastic timelines with Sara Morawetz, a New Mexico-based Australian artist, investigator, and method maker who explores the emotional and psychogeographical forces behind scientific action and systems. Sara tells Mariam about her first-hand experience of coronavirus, the importance of allyship during and outside of unrestful times, and why university art degrees matter—as seen through her collaborative work with NASA and fellow artists.

Access the episode/transcript here.

Episode 4: Bianca Mavrick in Meanjin

For the final episode, Mariam Arcilla speaks with Bianca Mavrick, a Meanjin/Brisbane-based jewellery designer of Greek heritage. The pair discuss the cultural signifiers, familial narratives and colour palettes that inform Bianca’s practice, as well as the rituals and DIY activities that helped the young designer revitalise during times of disquietude.

Access the episode/transcript here.

Featured guests and episode release dates:
19 June: Sari-Sari Studio (New York, USA)
3 July: Sezzo (Dongtan, South Korea)
17 July: Sara Morawetz (Santa Fe, USA)
31 July: Bianca Mavrick (Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia)

Interno guests:
Gabriella Mozo (apparel designer, illustrator, Sari Sari Studio co-founder), Marielle Sales (digital strategist, photographer, Sari Sari Studio co-founder), Mal Tayag (entrepreneur, creative director, business strategist), Sezzo (DJ, writer and artist), Sara Morowetz (artist and method-maker), Bianca Mavrick (jewellery designer)

Interno Creator, Producer & Host: Mariam Arcilla
Soundtrack music: ‘Step Inside’ by Paper Planes Project 
Supported by: Institute of Modern Art
All images supplied by the artists (unless otherwise stated)