Here’s a nutshell of core projects, and the people I’ve collaborated with or profiled. For a complete list, visit my resume.


Writer of profiles, interviews, reviews, essays, and reportages
I profile luminaries in art, fashion, and architecture, for leading Australian publications. Artists I’ve interviewed include Laurie Anderson, Anna Bella-Papp, Hahan, Tom Polo, Jemima Wyman, and Anna Carey, as well as fashion figures like Julie Ann Quay, Gail Sorronda, Ari Seth Cohen, and Alison Kubler & Mitchell Oakley Smith. There’s also pieces on architects and designers such as Studio KO, Clara Balaguer, Holly Ryan, and Bianca Mavrick. Read them here.

Creative Copywriter (Brand & Campaign) – Australia, New Zealand

I write multimedia marketing content for the technology company Uber and Uber Eats, covering a range of content, from campaigns to product launches, and city guides to food profiles. My role sits within the Brand & Campaign team, which sees us collaborating with Social and Content, Corporate Comm, Operational Comms, Growth Marketing, and Legal, to broadcast stories that help improve user experience via the app, web, social, emails, and advertising.


Institute of Modern Art
Creative producer/Host, First Thursdays: Mariam Arcilla & Friends – Brisbane
In this multi-sensorial project for the IMA, I invited musicians (Michelle Xen, Shane Rudken, Skullgrabber),  artists (Bianca Mavrick, David Spooner) and writers (Danni Zuvela, Emily McGuire) to produce temporal and take-home works themed around the act of ‘skirting around’ artform conventions.


Guest Curator, PRIZE NO PRIZE 2017/2016 – Gold Coast
Prize No Prize is an annual show that invites emerging artists to submit works for a prize premised on split glory. Held every December at THE WALLS, the group exhibition is a fun alternative to the head-churning, nail-biting process of art prize vying. Oh, and there’s no prize. Artists who have featured in Prize No Prize include: Sophie Penkethman-Young, Hailey Atkins, Parallell Park, Ricky Larry, Sonia York-Pryce, Bridie Gillman, Janis Clarke, and Gabriella & Brent Wilson.


Artist/Concoctor, Negative Volumes: Danger Magic – Sydney
Curated by Dani Zuvela and Joel Stern (Liquid Architecture), this evening featured performances and words summoned by Andrew Harper Sarah Byrne Emma Ramsay Matthew P. Hopkins Mariam Arcilla, and Geoffrey Gartner. Rationale here.


Rabbit & Cocoon (aka Miami Marketta)
Co-founder, Director & Curator – Gold Coast
Rabbit & Cocoon was a creative precinct founded in 2011 by Emma Milikins, Jolie Hertzberg, and myself. Through a philanthropic partnership, we transformed fourteen disused spaces into coworking offices, design labs, art studios, a multi-event space, radio station, cafe and community spaces. The precinct continues to trade as Miami Marketta and remains a dynamic hub for artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.


19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace
Co-founder, Gallery Director & Curator – Gold Coast
I established 19 KAREN in 2008 with Terri Lew, and was the Gallery Director until 2010. During this time, I programmed exhibitions, publications, talks, networking nights, and mentorships. Artists I’ve curated into shows include Laura Jones, Michael Candy, Jenny Orchard,  Archie Moore, Justin Lee Williams, Jemima Wyman, Sue Dodd,  Alasdair Macintyre, Ghost Patrol, Hannah Smith, and Daniel McKewen.


Co-founder & Curator – Gold Coast
Tinygold was an artist-run project founded by myself and Megan Cope in 2006 to profile South East Qld art school graduates and unrepresented artists. Our grassroots project expanded to a professional development program of talks, industry consultations, fashion shows, mentorships, and publications. Our curated shows featured Anna McMahon, Andre Piguét, Alice Lang, Alex Chomicz, Svenja Kratz, Nicholas Chalmers, Tal Fitzpatrick, Sam Smith, and more.