Below is a chronological list of my selected arts & culture writing, published in leading Australian publications online and offscreen.

Profiles and Interviews

Seth Birchall: Call of the Wild – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
FIXXED Studios: No FIXXED address – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
Lonney White: Dark Materials – Neue Luxury
Exploring Body Sculptures with Holly Ryan – Broadsheet
Creative Couples: Michael Zavros & Alison Kubler – Broadsheet
Creative Couples: Gail Sorronda & Atlas Harwood– Broadsheet
Vipoo Srivilasa: Connecting the Pots – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
The Skins We Live In: Michael Cook – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
Exploring Exterior Structures with Bianca Mavrick – Broadsheet
Advanced Style: Dressing For Your Stage (Ari Seth Cohen) – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
Anna Carey’s Nostalgic Worlds – RAVEN Contemporary
Subtle Relief: Anna-Bella Papp – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
Jean Paul Gaultier: Immaculate Conception  – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
File Under V: Julie Ann Quay of VFILES – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
Traversing the Impossible: Joseph Allen Shea of Galerie Allen – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture

Reviews and reportages

Musée Yves Saint Laurent – Neue Luxury
Patrons of Art, Design and Culture
– Neue Luxury
Reconceptualising Curating – Neue Luxury
Six Films to See: Cine Latino Film Festival – Broadsheet
Ways to Disappear: Hito Steyerl at Institute of Modern Art – RAVEN Contemporary
In Pursuit of Perfection: Graduates of Queensland College of Art and QUT 2015 – RAVEN Contemporary
When There’s a Will, There’s a When | Now & When: Australian Urbanism at Gold Coast City Gallery – Real Time Arts
Guest Editor / Issue 105 – The Thousands, Brisbane

Q&As and Exhibition Essays

Art on the Runway: Mitchell Oakley Smith & Alison Kubler  – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
Michael Zavros: Capturing the Prince  – VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture
Note to Self: Justin Bateman – THE WALLS
Justin Lee Williams: Night Mountain, I Miss You – k.O.M.A x ksubi
From the Place: Rebecca Ross, Comb Artspace